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I Tried It: Tape-In Hair Extensions

Ever since I can remember, I’ve at all times wished to have a thick head of voluminous, cascading hair, just like the celebrities I watched on Tv and the models I noticed in magazines. Certain, I realized that they most likely had some skilled intervention to help make their hair look that nice. Regardless, my thin, static-prone locks have all the time been a supply of nice frustration.

A few months ago, I ran into my buddy Kat and my jaw dropped. She’s always been one of many prettiest and most vogue-ahead associates I’ve recognized, but instantly, she had hair that will make any Victoria’s Secret Angel green with envy. After a bit (okay, so much) of questioning and badgering from me, Kat finally let me in on her glamorous secret: tape-in hair extensions.

Less than a month later, I too lastly had the luscious mane I would been craving my entire life. Whereas I loved many aspects of my new hair, there were also a number of things that I wished I knew and had thought of before getting them.

In this post, I will share the story of my experience with my tape-in hair extensions, from pre-installation to how my pure hair fared after I took them out. Along the way in which, I’ll share some suggestions and pointers to assist out any of you who could be contemplating a set of your personal.

Of course, when you have any experiences, methods, or stories about hair extensions to share, please leave a remark at the tip to add to this dialogue!

This is my pal Kat — talk about some main hair envy!
Taking the Plunge

I had fairly long hair prior to getting extensions, so my major purpose was to increase the physique and volume. My hairdresser really helpful that I exploit only half of a bundle of extensions, which wouldn’t solely be cheaper, however simpler to care for.

My pal pictured above used a full set, which as you can see appears to be like completely amazing. african american hairstyles for medium length hair I am not as expert in the beauty division as my friend is, although, and i figured half the quantity can be as good starting place. Plus, I could at all times add more if I wanted to later.

Here is what I realized whereas my hairdresser put in them:
How they’re connected. Principally, the stylist will take a 3 or 4 inch hair extension track and attach a particular form of double-sided tape to them. They’ll then sandwich 10-15 particular person hairs between the two extension tracks, adhered together with the double-sided tape. As a result of the extension is actually glued to a different extension, it allows this kind of hair installation final much, much longer than when extensions are just glued to your scalp with that tar-like weft glue you will have seen earlier than on the beauty provide shops. Typical weft glue often solely lasts 2-3 weeks, however the tape-in technique lasts round 2 months.
Styling. Don’t be concerned, you’ll be able to nonetheless pull your hair into ponytails and such. The only thing that’s just a little tough is parting your hair down the back for pigtail braids, or something alongside those strains. Your hair dresser will attach the hair extension tracks on the sides of your head VERY close to your scalp though, so it is perhaps uncomfortable for a day or two.
Potential hair loss points. Based on my hairdresser, the one hairs in jeopardy are the strands sandwiched between the extensions. My stylist also mentioned we lose a mean of a hundred individual strands of hair a day, so comparatively, even the worst-case state of affairs injury wouldn’t be too massive of a deal.
Upkeep. My hairdresser instructed me I might must brush my extensions twice a day, and all the time you should definitely sleep in a ponytail or a unfastened braid to maintain the extensions from matting. Appeared like a bit of cake to me.
Worth. My hairdresser charged me for the true worth of the extensions, plus $50 to put in them. We bought a number of further tracks of hair, as well as two completely different colours since my natural hair was a bit ombre-d. All collectively, it price around $200 to get started, and would cost $50 each other month to have them removed and re-installed. Since I had just obtained a tax return, I might afford the large first-time payment, and planned to put aside $25 dollars every month for to construct a finances for upkeep.

After she finished putting in my extensions, this is what I regarded like:
Not too shabby, huh

The Care and Maintaining of Tape-In Hair Extensions
As with nearly every part you do in life for the first time, the idea of retaining my hair extensions looking great was just a little bit harder than I imagined. Of course, there have been a ton of fringe benefits as properly.

Right here are some things that I learned over the subsequent month:
They’ll get pretty heat.

Out of the blue, you have got twice as a lot hair laying on your back and neck than you are used to. Plus, extensions are attached in thick layers on the lower a part of your head. I’m not going to lie, I got pretty toasty wearing them, especially since I had them put in right as when the weather started to get hot. It is nearly seems like you’re sporting an oddly-formed hat of sorts.

This is not all the time a nasty factor though — when you get chilly very easily, the additional hair can almost operate as an portable warming system in your shoulders and head!

They had been so enjoyable to fashion.
Having a head stuffed with thick, healthy hair was extremely exciting when it got here to enjoying with enjoyable hairdos. My hair looked great in its naturally straight state, however regarded incredible curled into loose waves. Fishtail braids looked fancy and dramatic. I could construct an even bigger prime knot than anybody else I encountered. My earlier limp, lifeless hair that appeared terrible air-dried out of the blue appeared earthy and cool with no blow out. Even lazy high ponytails all of a sudden seemed style-ahead and chic!

Good tape-in extensions are made from human hair, so do not be afraid to make use of your straightener or curling iron on them. You may even dye or spotlight tape-in extensions!

Time was a problem.
One other factor about extensions that took awhile to get used to was how lengthy it took to detangle and blow-dry my new ‘do. I used to have the ability to take and shower and end blow drying in less than thirty minutes. But with my extensions, generally I’d go to bed with damp hair and wake up with it nonetheless feeling moist in the morning.

Finances for twice as a lot time in your beauty routine.
Shampooing (due to the best way the extensions are attached to your head, working shampoo in between layers takes fairly a bit of effort), conditioning, and detangling once you’re out of the shower (a tedious process as well) all take special consideration. Additionally, I’m used to blowdrying my hair the wrong way up, which isn’t an ideal possibility african american hairstyles for medium length hair when you have hair extensions. It took virtually forty five minutes for my hair to air-dry to the purpose where it was secure for a blow dry.

Consider your way of life.
I exercise almost day by day. Primarily based on the tedious hair care routine I described above, this made me extremely hesitant about working up a sweat. Although dry shampoo works wonderful with hair extensions, it simply wasn’t enough to get the grease and stink out of my new hair. So as a substitute of going via the entire hair care canine and pony present, I just settled for, nicely, not exercising as a lot. Enjoyable, however in all probability the much less healthy and smart choice.

Be fanatic about brushing your hair.
My hair dresser advised me to brush my extensions twice a day daily, but I did not understand what she really meant by brushing. Sometimes, brushing my hair meant detangling with a comb after I showered, and possibly operating a paddle-brush by means of my head to assist evenly distribute the white powdery bits of dry shampoo some mornings. If you get tape-in extensions, mentally prepare for brushing every layer of your hair from scalp to finish. It will be a time consuming course of, but it’s utterly necessary. If you don’t, nicely — I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Sleep habits.
Once you’re finished completely brushing, throw your hair right into a loose ponytail, braids, or pigtails to maintain it from getting tangled in a single day. I preferred braiding my hair, so I would get up the next morning with some texture. Sleeping on silk pillows will assist keep your hair from getting roughed-up over night time as effectively.

Different grown-up activities.
We’re all pals here at School Style, so we will have an enormous-girl discussion and nicely, not giggle an excessive amount of about it. If in case you have a particular individual in your life, and sometimes take part in an activity that encourages friction between your head and your pillows, you are going to have a loopy bird’s nest of tangles on the again of your head to deal with afterwards.

I am not saying you need to stop mentioned activities — after all, it is a regular part of many adults’ daily lives — however I’m saying that employing braids, a high ponytail, and/or a bit little bit of creativity to your routine could be a good suggestion.

Put together to shed.
This is not an exaggeration — I had to Swiffer my bathroom each other day because of the insane quantity of hair that fell out whereas I (poorly) brushed my hair and styled it. I am speaking a noticeable, gross accumulation of hair in my sink, on my countertops, and protecting my bathroom floor every single day. I do not know what percentage of that hair was my pure locks and what share was my extensions, but both approach, it was pretty alarming to take a look at, and definitely freaked out any associates I had over.

The final Days
After a couple of month, the tracks of the hair extensions placed near the crown of my head began peaking by my natural hair. I may tell that a small (yet very scary) dreadlock-esque mess was developing within the layers near the nape of my neck. This ultimate straw got here when a observe that had detached and folded over itself came out whereas I ran my fingers by my hair — whereas I was at work chatting with a buyer. Discuss dangerous timing!

Here are some things I discovered throughout the awkward two-week interval with my extensions whereas I waited for an appointment with my hairdresser:

They definitely did not last 2 months.
For me, a minimum of. This was for numerous reasons, although, and most of them were my very own fault. Initially, my hair naturally grows fairly quick, so the extension observe had grown about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch away from my scalp.

Secondly, I didn’t brush my extensions within the devoted manner required, so I had some main matting issues occurring, particularly at the highest of the extension monitor which received tangled with my new pure hair. Lastly, the bad knotting brought on the hair extension track to bend and not lay flat, which made it poke by way of the top layers of my pure hair. If I might have taken correct care of my extensions, they probably would have lasted several weeks longer.

Removing tape-in hair extensions on your own is hard.
I felt like I used half of the bottle of remover they gave me just to get one observe (which was already very grown out and coming unfastened) detached while trying to lose as little of my natural hair as potential. When i learn the elements for the “glue dissolvant” although, I observed that it was totally made up of natural essential oils. I am not a hair professional, but I think that coconut, olive, or baby oil would do the job just as effectively, however price a fraction of the price.

To remove, apply oil on to the adhered track and allow them to soak for a couple of minutes and loosen. Then, using a large-tooth comb or your fingers, slowly attempt to slide the 2 pieces either other than each other, or down the shaft of your hair. I’ll be honest, this isn’t an easy course of. After spending twenty minutes eradicating one track, I decided to depart the remaining up to the professionals.

Hair loss was minimal not too unhealthy.
Your hair will feel dramatically thinner than it did with your extensions in. That being mentioned, I am really shocked at how good my pure hair regarded after my extensions were eliminated. I might seen what felt like a wig’s worth of hair get swept up off my bathroom ground, and as a result of matting and tangling, it really took two hairdressers engaged on my hair to get all of them eliminated. All of that considered, I nonetheless had a great amount of hair on my head, comparative to what it looked like pre-extensions.

Save your extensions.
In keeping with my hairdresser, my extensions were still in adequate shape to re-set up, which is the case for most girls who get tape-in hair extensions. Since we were not even halfway by means of the summer time and I was getting restless from not exercising as ceaselessly, I took my extensions dwelling to scrub, dry, and store till I am prepared to install them once more.

The Aftermath
As a whole, I actually appreciated tape-in hair extensions. I like that most of the expense involved is upfront, they usually’re semi-affordable to maintain.

They gave me a huge confidence enhance — even in my yoga pants and no make-up, I felt glamorous thanks to my thick and swoopy hair. My new hair looked wonderful with hats, headbands, in ponytails, curled, and even air-dried. I got compliments all the time, and eventually had the luscious hair that I might dreamed about since I used to be a child.

Though I had a number of issues with them, most of the issues had been resulting from me not taking as good of care of my extensions as I ought to have. They’re undoubtedly a greater fit for me throughout the winter, when I am not always outdoors rollerblading, swimming, and going on hikes. When my workouts just consist of lifting weights and walking on the treadmill in an air-conditioned area, dry shampoo each other day will work just tremendous. I will probably put my extensions back in round October.

Earlier than you get tape-in hair extensions, I’d advocate that you just examine your schedule and way of life, and decide primarily based on how a lot time you have got. If you don’t like to spend a number of time grooming your self, this is not the route to take.

Hair extensions also are not a good suggestion for those who prefer to train too much, when you toss and turn or sweat rather a lot in your sleep, or if you are not sure if you will steadily have enough money to keep them maintained. But if none of these elements are a problem, put together to have a implausible head of gorgeous hair, sure to catch eyes and make you feel nice!

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