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Are They Secure

Eyelash Extensions: Are They Secure
By Amy Hellem; reviewed by Gary Heiting, OD

70g-120g 7pcs Straight Clip In Remy Hair Extensions RedMost magnificence developments come and go, however a choose few — like lipstick and lengthy eyelashes — have stood the test of time and are possible right here to remain.

In the case of long lashes, mascara is a staple in most make-up baggage. But newer alternatives, including eyelash extensions, are being used to assist ladies’s eyes pop. Eyelash extensions are a rising development and have gotten a justifiable share of publicity in recent years, with several massive stars showing them off in Hollywood and past.

But not all the press on eyelash extensions has been engaging.
When actress Kristin Chenoweth showed up wearing sunglasses on a late night speak present a couple of years in the past, she explained that the explanation was an eyelash extension mishap that left her with badly swollen eyelids.

Soon after Chenoweth’s look, Client Reports and the American Academy of Ophthalmology weighed in on this growing beauty pattern, urging consumers to proceed with warning if they are considering having extensions applied.

What Are Eyelash Extensions
There are tons of how to get longer-trying eyelashes. The simplest and least costly is traditional mascara.

Others embody false eyelashes, eyelash transplants, everlasting makeup, pharmaceuticals that promote lash growth, and even eyelash perms. To be clear, eyelash extensions do not technically fall into any of these classes.

Eyelash extensions are particular person fibers — not a strip of lashes — which might be glued, one by one or in small teams, onto your pure eyelashes to enhance the looks of length and fullness.

Most eyelash extensions are fabricated from synthetic fibers, such as nylon, and are bonded utilizing numerous sorts of skilled glues. Silk is one other material used for eyelash extensions. There are even mink eyelashes product of pure fur.

How Eyelash Extensions Are Utilized
You don’t need a level to use eyelash extensions, however certainly not does this imply that the procedure is straightforward to conditioner for extensions perform. The truth is, it requires quite a little bit of skill, and because of the precision required to place individual lashes, it is commonly compared to microsurgery — besides it’s often performed in a spa or salon by an aesthetician or technician slightly than a educated eye care professional.

Most aestheticians or technicians apply eyelash extensions utilizing two pairs of tweezers. The first pair is used to separate your pure lashes. The second pair holds the lash extension, which is dipped in glue after which positioned on top of the isolated pure lash. After a few seconds, the 2 will bond together.

Typically, anyplace from forty to one hundred eyelash extensions are utilized per eye.
How Lengthy Do Eyelash Extensions Final

Eyelash extensions are shed with your pure eyelashes. Usually, eyelashes fall out and regrow every six weeks or so. After about a month, roughly half of your eyelash extensions will be gone.

Eyelash Extensions Cost
If you join a full set of eyelash extensions, put aside about two to a few hours and some hundred dollars. Mink eyelash extensions can value around $500.

Many salons conditioner for extensions provide “contact-up” functions of new eyelash extensions as current ones are shed along with your pure eyelashes. The fee for restricted eyelash extension replacements is considerably lower than the initial procedure.

What Can Go Wrong
Actually, anytime you are touching an area near the eye, there’s cause for concern. But with eyelash extensions, problems don’t often consequence from sharp tweezers. As a substitute, most issues are caused by the glue that is used to bond the artificial extensions in place, since these typically contain formaldehyde or different chemicals that can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

An article printed in Consumer Stories discusses a number of instances in which patients experienced infections and allergic reactions to the formaldehyde-based mostly adhesives that had been used to apply their eyelash extensions. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) likewise responded to experiences cautioning customers about the dangers of cosmetic eyelash extensions.

AAO cites the following specific dangers of using eyelash extensions:
– Infection of the cornea
– Infection of the eyelid
Swollen eyelids
– Temporary or permanent lack of eyelashes

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Because the AAO notes, in addition to infections and allergic reactions, some folks truly lose eyelashes in the technique of making an attempt to make them look extra plentiful. It is because frequent use of eyelash extensions can damage the hair follicles chargeable for eyelash growth and upkeep.

Other, less widespread, complications with eyelash extensions embrace forceps wounds, reactions to solvents used to remove the extensions, and reactions to the tape that may be used to carry your lids closed throughout the process.

Additionally, some eye doctors and researchers consider eyelash extensions might enhance your threat of dry eyes. It appears there’s an optimal size for eyelashes to protect the eyes from wind, mud and other debris. Animal studies counsel this optimal eyelash size is one-third the width of the attention.

Longer, fuller eyelashes create a fan-like effect with each blink, rising air circulate on the surface of the eye that may cause dry eye signs, in line with Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD, professor of ophthalmology on the University of Pittsburgh College of Medication.

Eyelash Extension Safety Ideas
The FDA doesn’t regulate products used to apply eyelash extensions, so if you are set on getting them, it is essential to do your personal homework.

To assist, the AAO advises you’re taking the next precautions:
– Be sure that the aesthetician is certified and working at a reputable establishment.
– Check that the aesthetician practices adequate hand washing and proper hygiene.
– Examine the eyelash adhesive substances earlier than use.

Learn how to Take away Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are utilized with a substance similar to “superglue” and may be tough to remove with out the correct instruments and methods.

The best choice if you are unhappy with how you look carrying eyelash extensions or if some have fallen out and you want the remaining eliminated, is to return to the salon and have an aesthetician or technician remove them.

If you are unable or unwilling to return to the salon and you don’t wish to wait for the extensions to shed naturally, you can attempt one of these dwelling methods to take away eyelash extensions:

Steam and olive oil methodology
1. Remove all mascara and eye make-up from your eyelids.
2. Heat a pan of water on the stove until it’s boiling, then turn off the heat.
3. When the water is steaming but no longer boiling, lean over the pan so the steam can reach your face. Drape a towel over the back of your head to assist capture the steam.
4. After about 5 to 10 minutes, apply a few drops of olive oil onto a cotton ball and gently wipe your eyelashes until the extensions begin to return off. Avoid touching your eye or getting the olive oil in your eye.
5. Rinse your eyelids with warm water and gently dry.

Solvent (glue remover) method
1. Buy eyelash glue remover out of your salon or a drugstore.
2. Remove all mascara and eye make-up using your regular technique.
3. Wet a cotton swab with the glue remover.
4. While looking in a mirror, pull down one eyelid. (Keep the other eye open so you can see what you are doing.)
5. Gently wipe your eyelashes with the cotton swab a number of times till the extensions start to loosen.
6. Gently take away each extension with your thumb and index finger.
7. Apply extra glue remover to your eyelashes with a cotton swab if the extensions do not launch simply.

Obviously, nice care ought to be taken when making use of a solvent (glue remover) close to your eye. You should definitely observe the directions on the product rigorously, and don’t let any solvent touch the floor of your eye.

Finally, for those who do expertise an infection, allergic response or other irritation after receiving eyelash extensions or making an attempt to take away them, contact your eye doctor instantly.

Eyelash Extensions Alternative
If you would like longer, fuller eyelashes however are concerned in regards to the potential dangers and expense of eyelash extensions, another option is to use medical lash enhancers reminiscent of Latisse to encourage eyelash progress.

Nonetheless, eyelash enhancers even have some risks. Be sure to talk with your eye doctor about professionals and cons of eyelash extensions and merchandise like Latisse before deciding to make use of any cosmetic eye products.

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