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Firstly, a lot of the information on this new bag from Louis Vuitton continues to be not set-in-stone nor is anybody 100% sure of the truth behind it all. Now we have all heard conflicting tales, information, prices, launch dates, and so on. But you know a bag is a positive hit when the rumors start (sick however true!). Richard Prince collaborated with Marc Jacobs to design creative baggage for the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008 line. The hottest item proper now could be the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy which is claimed to be launched in the US on Could 1,2008. The release date has been changed numerous amounts of times. Another piece of knowledge that everyone seems to be uncertain of is the value. The early look guide says the bag will likely be $1,185 however I have heard prices going up to $1,
Stone Island Clothing Sale,600. My wonderful SA at Bal Harbour did some analysis and believes it will be around $1,
Ferragamo Footwear Low cost,300. The following piece of knowledge that has many confused is the dimensions. Whereas the Louis Vuitton Speedy is accessible in a size 30 and 35, this bag is said to solely are available measurement 35. The monogram pattern is designed in a way that has the orange, crimson, and yellow paints wanting like they had been painted on with watercolor paint. This bag has an incredibly long wait list at many stores and the masses are clamoring to get the subsequent ‘bigSpeedy. The value is claimed to be around $1,300 by way of your local LV boutique when available. You may at all times examine eLuxury additionally.

Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Bag

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If you happen to think the Watercolor Speedy is beautiful, wait until you see the Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Bag. This bag is a modified Speedy, a more refined and chic fashion. Of course the Speedy is a home classic, however the framed top shape of the Aquarelle actually draws your consideration. The frame is also fabricated from wood and the handles are made of lizard. This can be a gorgeous bag within the Richard Prince collaboration with Louis Vuitton. If the value were not so steep, I would have obtained on this listing,
Salvatore Ferragamo Belts, but I just could not justify it. These pieces are LV collectors items,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, without a doubt. The worth on this bag is alleged to be round $3,600, but it’s going to probably end up costing over this amount. Launch date should even be around Could 1st.

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