Stone Island – Garment Dyed Plated Reflective Jacket

Famous for it’s iconic compass patch, Stone Island is an Italian premium men’s apparel brand. Established in 1984, the Ravarino based mostly label mixes high-efficiency textiles with a refined urban aesthetic. With a wide range of products, the brand has constructed a loyal following round its navy-inspired sportswear kinds.

Stone Island Men Thick Sweaters In Black

Hooded jacket made with an innovative reflective fabric engineered to be garment dyed. The nylon tela base is plated with a water and wind resistant highly reflective resin substance containing 1000’s of glass microspheres. The garment is constructed with components in Mussola Gommata, a very gentle cotton muslin bonded to an outer polyurethane film. The finished piece is garment dyed with particular double dye recipes lending color to the textile base whereas respecting the reflective floor.

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