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What Balayage Actually Means (Plus, An Exclusive Lifebooker Deal)

Let me get this out of the way… I’m a nervous wreck each time I get my hair highlighted. “Will it’s too light ” “Will or not it’s too darkish ” “Will I seem like a skunk ” I’ve been highlighting my hair since I was 12 and after one terrible incident throughout my sophomore 12 months of school, my hair turned a horrid shade of pink. It took black corrective coloring (my hair is typically very gentle, so this was fairly a shock), a full head of highlights, and not blow drying my hair for 3 months (so that it wouldn’t break off) to get it back to my regular blonde.

Fortunately, this situation has not repeated itself, as I’ve caught to a coloring cocktail of a single course of (to lighten my base) with a full head of foil highlights. Whereas I’ve been extremely happy with my colour the previous few years (dwelling in New York, you’ve access to a few of the top colorists!), I’ve always hated that distinct line where the foil stops. I had heard which you could avoid this by a course of known as “balayage,” however I had never tried it, mainly as a result of my colorist does not provide it and I’m a really loyal buyer. However, once i had the opportunity to attempt balayage by an superior Lifebooker deal at Le Salon East, I simply had to leap at the chance to see what all the fuss was about!

If you’re like me, you’ve definitely heard the term “balayage,” however you are far from being able to clarify it to your pals. Properly I’m here to fill you in! Balayage is the strategy of actually painting (yes, with a paint brush) individual sections of hair with bleach and since no foils are involved, the ultimate product is gorgeous, natural, sun-kissed hair… with absolutely zero line! Under are details of my expertise and a few tips about find out how to take advantage of your balayage expertise.

What It’s essential Know Before You Go:
– Love the hair coloration of celebrities and fashions (think Gisele and SJP) Just about every superstar and model uses balayage as their most popular method of coloring
– Since the method is meant to achieve a natural look, you need to actually solely go two shades lighter than your pure colour
– Whatever shade your roots are, you will nonetheless see that coloration since you’re painting individual pieces, however you won’t need to do any lowlights!
– It’s essentially the most customizable shade choice as a result of you’ve got total management over where the shade is placed
– Do not shampoo for at the least 24 hours after! You need to give the shade an opportunity to bond to the hair. Nevertheless, you can wet your hair and restyle… simply keep away from the suds!

What I Realized About Balayage:
– Balayage shouldn’t be new. Colorists have truly been painting hair since the late 60’s/early 70’s
– Your color will process much faster than when you use foils as a result of the dye is at least twice as sturdy. On a scale of 1-100, foils use bleach at a 20 and balayage uses wherever from a 40-100
– Watch out not to get any of the dye on your pores and skin! Because the level is so strong, if it touches your pores and skin, you will blister (however you all the time put on a robe, so you’ll be high quality!)

Who Should Have It Achieved:
– Anyone who needs natural, solar-kissed highlights.
– Anybody who is affected person. As a result of the painting needs to be so exact, it takes virtually double the period of time as placing foils.
– If you need general lightening, you must most likely follow foil highlights
– When you have dry, over-processed hair, balayage is a definitely for you. Whereas the color may be very strong (which can lead to potential breakage), over time you can easily paint the identical pieces and protect the remainder of your head.

What The method Is Like:
– The process began with parting my hair… myself. Jason, the colorist at Le Salon East, knowledgeable me that if he parted my hair and it was even the slightest bit off from my regular part, I wouldn’t be capable of see the coloration he was inserting.
– My hair was then divided into three sections, one again and two on the sides.
– Each section obtained 4-5 rows of rigorously positioned color. The standard quantity of rows is 2-3, however I asked for a very pure, all over shade so I acquired smaller pieces and extra rows.
– To make sure the items don’t bleed together (the primary mistake with bayalage), Jason used tiny items of cotton as a bit resting pillow
– When each row was full, he placed a layer of plastic wrap on high to keep the heat towards my head and assist me process even sooner.
– To hurry up the processing, I used to be positioned below heat for roughly 10 minutes
– Finally, to realize the exact shade I needed, Jason utilized a gloss for eight minutes. This also gave me superb shine (it is best to at all times ask thick bangs with long hair for a gloss at the top of any coloring, you’ll thank me).

How Lengthy Does It Take:
– Expect to be sitting in the chair for the painting for no less than 2 hours. The processing of the color is far thick bangs with long hair faster than foil highlights because the dye is a lot stronger. You will certainly be on the salon for a complete of at the least 90 minutes

How A lot Does It Price:
– Balayage is unquestionably on the pricier finish as a result of there may be a lot labor involved. It’s more expensive than typical foil highlights due to the skill level of the colorist, but costs range at salons, and luckily for you we’ve unique deals from Lifebooker below!

When you try balayage, you won’t ever go back to foils. Trust me on this one. The tip result’s phenomenal. All weekend I obtained compliments on how natural my colour appeared and that it was “a good shade of blonde.” Subsequent time you get your hair highlighted, strive balayage. And if you’re in New York, undoubtedly go to Jason at Le Salon East.

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