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Natural Hair: My Method For The Curly Girl Method

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Natural Hair: My Method for the Curly Girl Method
Updated on August 13, 2014 Kyndall Smith more I started the curly girl method because I was searching for a simpler option to do my hair. With the curly girl method, I am capable of style my hair anne hathaway short wavy hair twice as fast and my hair is moisturized more than it’s ever been. My hair feels soft, it looks shiny and it’s predictable.

SourceSourceSource The Creator and Her Misson
The curly girl method is a hair styling method that was specifically designed to help curly girl’s work with their curls instead of against them. It was created by Lorraine Massey, a fellow curly girl herself.

This is a technique where you get rid of shampoo, and use conditioner as your cleansing aid. To make use of conditioner to cleanse your hair, you would have to make use of a silicone free conditioner and silicone free styling products. If you absolutely have to make use of shampoo, it’s important that you utilize a sulfate free shampoo because shampoos with sulfates are extremely damaging to the hair. They dry the hair out and strip it of its natural moisture.

Conditioners and products with silicone are also no no’s because they coat the hair causing build up, which is able to prevent moisture from getting inside the hair.

If you would like to start the curly girl method, I like to recommend you read Lorraine Massey’s book and also purchase the Deva Curly hair care products which were also created by Lorraine Massey. Her products are everything you need to start the curly girl method.

My Wash N Go in 2010My Braid Out My Old Regimen, Before the Curly Girl Method
Previously in my hair journey, I might wash and condition my hair once per week, after which I’d braid it or twist it in preparation for a braid out or twist out each day.

My hair would turn out great someday and then be horrible the next!
Also, because I might re-braid my hair every night, this caused my hair to be dry and brittle from manipulating it a lot.

I later discovered that my hair is highly porous and this cause my hair to loss moisture immediately. That is another reason I turned to the curly girl method.

I get to wet my hair everyday and that i can tell my hair really appreciates the moisture!
Protective styling is speculated to be for low manipulation and I used to be doing the other. This was a cycle every week.

I believed protective styling was for me but due to the porosity, I can’t get the styles to work for my hair. I have now found something that works for me and I’m sticking with it.

I cannot give up on protective styles just yet. I’m constantly experimenting with styles that look flattering for me. You’ll see more hubs about that in the future! =)

Now Back to the Curly Girl Method…
Starting the Curly Girl Method
When i first started the curly girl method, I remember being so disappointed because this method requires wash and go’s. Whenever I do a wash n go, my hair likes to shrink up as much as it may well. I used to avoid them in any respect costs.

I get about 70% shrinkage, so with a wash and go, although my hair is about bra strap length, it still looks like it doesn’t even touch my shoulders.

For whatever reason, I just did not think that this short shrunken hair looked right on me! It would turn into this mushroom shape, that I felt looked heavy.

(Maybe I just needed a hair cut for a better shape )
Regardless, I didn’t like it!

My hair is 3c-4a, and really coily. It is also not very dense, which implies I haven’t got plenty of it. This creates the proper condition for…..shrinkage!

Now, I have come to terms with it…
And That is what I do…

Wash my hair with Conditioner/or Sulphate free shampoo
Detangle with Conditioner and fingers (or carefully with a denman brush)

Rinse with Cold Water
Apply Conditioner for hold and styling
(If you don’t like to feel the cold water in your body after a pleasant hot shower. Just hop out of the shower while the water continues to be on, and lean just your head in. This makes it way more pleasant. You could possibly even use a big kitchen sink.)

After I’m done in the shower, I get out and apply my conditioner throughout my hair Smoothing downward and clumping the curls. Then I’m done! lace frontals It’s that simple and that easy for me. And now, I don’t mind the shrinkage.

My Hair ShrunkenShrunken Hair Combating Shrinkage
A few of us mind the shrinkage and some of us do not .

For those of you who cannot stand the shrinkage, there are options for you!
Diffuse and Stretch Your Hair with a Blow Dryer
I like to permit my hair to dry 60% of the way before I start with the blow dryer. It is because I feel it allows my hair to set better, therefore decreasing the amount of frizz.

I start with my diffuser attachment and blow dry my hair 100% dry. I make certain my hair is totally dry before I start with my actual stretching because it can prevent it from shrinking back.

For stretching, I attach my concentrator attachment and pull my hair on the ends. I run the blow dryer down the length of my hair and stretch it to the desired length.

Source Weigh Your Hair Down With Clips
This can be a weird method I just started doing. It’s just simply taking hair clips and placing them on the ends of your hair.

It takes more time than defusing but it also causes much less frizz. I also do not think a lot of you would want to go away the house with the clips still attached but this is what it looks like…

See those clips lol Choose Your Favorite!
Which Stretching Method Would You utilize
Blow Drying with the Diffuser

Weighing with the Clips
See results Devacurl Original Kit with No-Poo and One Condition, 32 fl. oz. Buy Now The Products I use
Just a heads up, Lorraine Massey’s product line is pretty expensive, but the good thing about this method is the truth that you need to use any products that fit the standards of: no silicones and no sulfates. The products I exploit and love are Vo5 conditioners and Eco Styler gel.

That’s it! Simple, right
These products are also cheap and that’s another reason I like them. They make styling my hair quick and easy. It’s also fun because now I’ve more time to experiment with my hair styles.

Eco Styler Black Castor margin:0px !important;” /> Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioner Strawberries margin:0px !important;” /> MahoganyCurls is Great at Explaining the Curly Girl Method
Will it Be just right for you
Unfortunately, the curly girl method won’t work for everybody. Just try it and see how it goes. You’ll have to change it to suit your needs.

If you discover that a conditioner only regimen is just not the perfect for you, it’s ok. Just keep experimenting with different products to see what works for you.

My mom tried the curly girl method but she doesn’t like it because she has to wear hats at work. Her hair just finally ends up matted to her head by the point she leaves.She prefers styles comparable to, twists and braids rather than a wash and go.

For those who can’t do wash and go’s daily or every other day, try washing your hair in the evening, twisting it or braiding it while it’s still wet, after which take it down them the morning for a nice braid out or twist out. You don’t should do wash and go’s in order for the curly girl method to be just right for you.

If you use the curly girl method, how does it be just right for you and do you like it
Thanks for reading!

KySmith =)
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sendingAuthorKyndall Smith 4 years ago from Milwaukee
@tina03w you can too do braid outs, twist outs, and rod sets with this method if you wish to transition.

@tina03w you do not have to BC to do the curly girl method. Having relaxed ends may make it difficult to wear your hair curly so it may be a good idea to do the BC before doing this method.

tina03w 4 years ago from Texas
This is a superb article I am desirous about trying this method. Did it’s a must to BC so as to use this method

@ebony, thank you for commenting. Yes it is feasible to do the curly girl method right after getting the bc. It’s actually best to do it that way because as your hair grows out you’ll become an expert on what your hair likes and dislikes. With the dry scalp I totally understand. I have the identical problem. What works for me is constant moisturizing everyday. I spray my scalp with water and then apply olive oil. Some people even recommend tea tree oil or peppermint oil treatments but I don’t know loads about these. I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions be happy to ask! 🙂

@cwv thank you for commenting! Good luck to you in your hair journey. I feel you would also benefit from having a defuser. It’ll help dry your hair without messing up your curls. That way once you wash your hair you won’t have to wait until it air dries.

ebony 4 years ago
Hello I just read your article in regards to the CG method, great job! Im considering going natural (really soon) but im slightly nervous bc there arent many alternative styles and that i don’t know easy methods to get it cut. Anyway, my biggest concern is my extra dry scalp and after the BC I don’t need my hair to be dry brittle damaged and etc. Can someone do the CG method after getting the BC I just need some advice. Thanks

cwv 4 years ago
Hi Ky!

Just started CG method tonight, and I think I may even need to switch it using twists or braids, because I am unable to sleep on loose wet hair, and it takes my hair literally greater than 24 hours to air dry. Thanks in your guidance with the CG method.

@bless4ward, thanks for commenting! =)
AuthorKyndall Smith 4 years ago from Milwaukee

@thecoffeewrite Yeah, as of right now, wash n go’s are ruled out for me as well. The curly girl method works even if you can’t do wash n go’s, which is great. I find that I get way too many single strand knots with wash n gos. I am glad your loving your hair and getting to know what works best for it! Thanks for reading and commenting! =)

Bless4ward 4 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee
@thecoffeewrite – Do not surrender. I’ve the finest coils ever. I started using tresseme naturals conditioner for my co-wash (no shampoo) and Paul Mitchell The Conditioner as my leave in along with Eko styler jell. But because I have major shrinkage I divide my hair into four section with 2 twists per section (8 twists). Try putting the jell on your hair if you section your twists. Just enough to smooth in from root to tip. This has changed everything. I can usually last 3 days to 1 week between wash and goes. I’m like you and I have tightly coiled hair.

Keneesha M Hodge 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois
I am pretty sure with the texture of my hair, the curly girl method won’t work well for me, but I’m not against trying it. I am tightly coiled and have major shrinkage as well. Before doing my second big chop I tried Ouidad, which is another natural curl enhancing product. That was a bust and I was so disappointed. I also have not had the success with ECO style as other people have, now I have been getting away with cheap gels like La Bella and Clear Ice to help with twists. There is no such thing as a such thing as a wash and go for me and at times that makes me a bit of disappointed, but I’m really loving my hair as it is and I am developing an actual relationship with it now.

@ Claudia Marie, Thanks for commenting! I have actually tried the tightly curly method however it was an excessive amount of work for me. I’m glad you like it! =)

Claudia Marie 5 years ago
A friend of mine told me about, this method is working for me. It is really easy and inexpensive. All you need is a special brush and hair conditioner.

@Bernice, hi and thank you for commenting! I believe eventually once you get rid of all of the straight ends you’ll be capable of see your true texture and do away with some frizz. If not you might need to get a product with more hold.

In case your not completely ready to chop off the straight ends, the aloe gel might help but you could also try making flax seed gel. It’d offer you more hold as well and eliminate some frizz.. Also you possibly can try whipping up some shea butter together with your olive oil to make a cream. That might eliminate frizz also. It sound like you employ quite a lot of organic products so these items could be good to try.

I hope this helps! =)
Bernice 5 years ago

I am trying the CG method and got my curls back! I have been using olive oil and organic conditioners and hairstyles and I am about to try aloe gel to attempt to eliminate frizz, BUT, unless I apply olive oil my hair will frizz. I straightened it chemically for years and in addition dyed it, so I am wondering if I I need to cut off even more of my chemically treated strands for this to actually work

@Angel, I’m so glad to listen to that! That’s amazing and yes natural hair rocks lol! =) It is also cool that you’ve got others on board too…keep up the great work!

KySmith, This morning as I am getting ready for work, I wanted to just pop in and say how great my hair is beginning to look. It has only been about 6 days since I started CGM and there is a big change. Co-workers are even commenting on my hair. No more frizz and plenty, a lot of curls on this 4c hair. You recognize I’m converted and have others on that path as well. I need to say but you already know NATURAL HAIR ROCKS!!

AuthorKyndall Smith 5 years ago from Milwaukee
Your welcome, and I am glad your staying positive about it! 🙂

Angel 5 years ago
Thanks in your response, as well because the encouragement. I do plan to continue with GC. I have been natural since 2010 and did a second BC in Jan 2011, only because I wanted to. I actually started taking care of my hair around Oct 11. After trying several various things and products (PJ I am), and some unsuccessful, I’m realizing that this is the most effective method to go. I used to be already using sulfate free shampoo width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ data-page-url=”//” data-ad-slot=”1186173963″>

anne hathaway short wavy hair


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