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Tips And Tricks For Growing Long, Strong And Healthy Hair

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Tips and Tricks For Growing Long, Strong and Healthy Hair
Updated on February 21, 2014 Carisa Gourley moreContact Author Too many times when people think about growing long and strong hair they think of it as too hard to take care of and find yourself just whacking it off. Well, the truth is it’s not likely hard to take care of in any respect. And if you read my articles you will know that my very own hair measure around 4 1/2 feet in length and I know what I am talking about.

Brazilian Straight I Tip Human Hair ExtensionsOf course it is definitely not maintenance free but if you use the appropriate tips, you can have long, strong and healthy locks before you understand it! (And with minimal effort).

This is an update to the opposite articles that I’ve written with a bit more information since there gave the impression to be some who wanted some further tips…

Click to read my article, “Learn how to Grow Long Luscious Hair” which is the primary article of these two parts and it covers the basics for growing long hair. It covers the nutritional supplement facts, and basic long hair care tips.

My sister, who also has extremely long hair, has written an article with pictures telling of her long hair journey. Please check it out here!

A couple of More Tips…
Never use elastic bands to secure hair unless they have fabric covering them.

Avoid heat styling products and avoid washing hair in too hot of water. (Lukewarm with a cool rinse is best).

Avoid chemical products and permanents. Perms may look nice but always have negative effects on the health of our hair. ( Not only is there “permanent” waves, there may permanent damage). For healthier and effective ways to wave hair without the harmful uncomfortable side effects, please see my article on How you can Wave Hair.

Deep condition (using one of many ideas below) at least twice monthly.
NOTE: Always apply treatments to scrub, freshly washed hair.

Hair Care from Amazon
Want Longer Hair Want Stronger Hair Grow Hair Fast! Buy Long ‘N Strong margin:0px !important;” /> HOMEMADE MAYONNAISE AND EGG TREATMENT

You will want…
Twice as much real mayonnaise as what you normally would use of conditioner for regular conditioning.

One to three eggs depending on current hair length. (One for shoulder length, two for waist length and three for longer).

Thermal shower cap
Blow dryer or hot towels
Blend together and apply mixture to hair. (Room temperature to slightly warm is best for absorption). Wind hair on top of head and cover with a thermal shower cap. Blast lightly with a blow dryer a number of times or cover with hot towels. The heat will help the conditioner to absorb better. (Don’t use excessive heat). Leave on for about one hour and rinse with cool water. Use a mild two-in-one shampoo to remove excess residue continuing to make use of cool water. The cool will help to seal back the hair which will lock in softness and shine.

This treatment is much like the previous treatment. You’ll follow the identical steps except for using avocado in the place of the egg.

Use 1/2 avocado for shoulder length, 1 whole avocado for waist length and 1 1/2 to 2 avocados for longer hair.

NOTE: Both of these treatments could also be enhanced by adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup of olive or coconut oil to the mixture but may be slightly harder to clean out. Also, a few drops of aromatic oils could also be added to assist the smell and to make it a more relaxing process. Ones to try: Peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, or lavender oil.

NOTE: You may additionally use a mixture of warm coconut and olive oils for hot oil treatments and split end treatments. Remember, should you microwave the oils to warm them accomplish that for just a few seconds and be very careful as you could easily be burned.

~Always let hair air dry naturally and don’t brush when wet.
Just use twice as much conditioner as you normally would and use the heat method with the thermal shower cap and leave on for an hour. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

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sendingMaggalynn Grace 18 months ago from Michigan
Good tips! I really like the concept of enhancing the conditioner with olive and/or coconut oil, very beneficial to hair health.

santhov 18 months ago
This text is more practical than textbooks. fo r keep a healthy haira

Thanks rather a lot.
Rayne123 2 years ago

thank you
AuthorCarisa Gourley 3 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

Paula Lala, all of it depends on what condition your hair is in. People with normal hair should see results after the very first treatment, others with more damaged hair could take as much as a month of weekly treatments before smoother hair is noticeable.

Paula Lala 3 years ago
Hi! I discovered this text very informal, however, how many times a week/month should I be doing this Also, how long does it take before I see results

Hey my hair is to my shoulders and I want it to grow at to my back can someone get me some tricks to help my hair grow faster Thanks

curlene 3 years ago
Just yesterday I take advantage of the egg and olive oil on my hair quash it out and dried it,how long would this grow in a week.

And if I exploit two eggs my hair would get even longer to the waste.
And how long should I be expecting results

DHRUTHI 4 years ago
HELLO. I’ve curly hair but since many days am having lot of hair fall. i will apply hair oil daily.. bur also i’ve hair loss. plz mam suggest some tips…

AuthorCarisa Gourley 4 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma
Divya, try taking the herbal supplement, “horsetail” and drinking plain gelatin water or a using a gelatin supplement. Use along with an excellent multivitamin/mineral supplement. It has done wonders for many individuals who could also be lacking vital nutrients to hair growth.

Divya 4 years ago
my hair is appear to be curl,however it wont become long and strong,i washing my hair daily in normal water,and after reached home i ll massage it in oil,but i do not know what will do,please mam,give some useful tips for me………..

simran 5 years ago
hey i’ll also try it ………thanx…

zk ch 5 years ago
hi wana ask that may we use simple myonise for egg nd myonise tretment or it z mst to use hair myonise plz tell me

GEETANJALI 5 years ago

aisha almonte 5 years ago
Hi…im aisha,can i ask something….my hair is long and dry…and stuffed with splits ends…now i put a honey and olive oil for against dryness…what do you think the honey is ok for dryness hair or no …thanks;-)

Hemlata @ 5 years ago
After reading your article, I got a superb technique to make my hair grow as fast as possible.

Glenna 5 years ago
Hi! I just wanna know whether does these tips works for girls who’re losing hair quite quickly I’m 16 and i’ve seen a significant amount of hair loss and my hair was really thick and now it’s quite thin T_T would I be bald soon Or is there another way for me to get my thick hair back I do know one person drops 100 strands per day but I feel I drop more than that.

Margo 5 years ago
Hi! I used to be curious as to whether it is better to apply this avacado mask to wet hair, versus dry hair as you showed in the video Does it make a difference, or is it better to use it to dry hair It looks like fun anyway so I`m gonna go right out and take a look at it! Thanks a bunch for posting this!

Mani k. 5 years ago
Thanks for the video! I’ll try this conditioner immediately.

ur frnd 5 years ago
don’t wash ur hairs in hot water

maria 5 years ago
your tips i cant say its too bad

AuthorCarisa Gourley 5 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma
@ Fairytale: Initially, in case your hair wasn’t so dry it probably would not be that frizzy. So the first things first you will wish to ensure you get that moisture locked in! Use heavy conditioning and leave it in for hours if you can. You may even try using straight hot coconut or olive oil treatments. (Ensure that your hair is clean and damp). Once you wash out the oil, use a mild shampoo even when you need to scrub it a how to curl your hair and make it stay few times to remove the oil. If your hair is absolutely dry, washing once should be sufficient because your hair will drink up the surplus oil. It’s ok if you need to apply somewhat mousse to tame it until your hair gets healthier, just be sure you wash it more often. Same with the hairspray, when you’ve got to make use of a little bit to tame it go ahead but wash it often. The primary thing to remember is to steer clear of the heat at all costs, condition heavy after every wash and your hair will likely be more manageable soon!

kashaf….. 5 years ago
um so worried about ma hairs after typhoid ma hairs r falling badly plx gimme solution for dis prob ma hair was so thick b4 typhoid i need ma thick hairs back plx plx plx help me out…..

Fairytale123 5 years ago
Ok so I’m totally going to do this… But when I TRY not to make use of heat akin to flat iron or curler how do I get my hair to be suitable to go out in public with I don’t need to wear a pony tale. Oh n yet one more question if I TRY not to use hairspray or gel what can I take advantage of for the little hairs that get out of control. My hair is dry, frizzy and horrid!! Lol so what are your suggestions

jazzz 5 years ago
hey so threatmeant does make the one of mayo nd avacado how long does it grow reply back plz

mahira 5 years ago
my hairs r nt longing i have tried every thing on it….so worried

anisha 5 years ago
the way to aviod hair fall

mikala 5 years ago
hey! my hair has always grown slow! and it becomes very dry some times but then oily other times!

i was just curious if there may be every other ways of deep conditioning your hair natural ways (as i am alergic to avocado) and can have a reaction if i put it on myself. have you learnt of another ways thanks 🙂

Terri 5 years ago

happyness 5 years ago
Oh thax sooo much

Chrissy 5 years ago

im glad on your post but i got a very good case for u to see if u can give me some tip lol… i striaghten my hair even othr day one becuz my hair is oily and to have it look not to greasy for work i need to. i take advantage of a heat protectant, also im a new beautician so im stil going to color my hair but only with a ten vol so its mostly putting coor on and hopefully less damage becuz its not having to open the cuticle. i’ve started using its a ten leave in with keratin to help rebuild my hair and all the other awesum stuff it does, also im trying to take prenatal vitman(i have a poor diet tho hasn’t seen to bother my hair a lot i do not like many veggies) umm hmm the rest i should say…..i don’t blowdry i go to bed with it wet and straighten it within the morning, i got some jojba oil from sallys to do a hot oil treatment how much should i try this….any advice is nice…hair is maybe a foot from my neck or nape if u will

Thanks ChRiSsY
clgil777 5 years ago

thanks a lot for the information plan hair
Vida: Curly hair usually grows slower than straight hair however the positive change that you’re making (no longer applying heat) will likely be like a drink of water in the desert for your hair. It could just reward you with some extra growth in return!

vida 8 years ago
My hair could be very very curly, and for the past 2 years ive been straightening it with a flat iron. during the last 2 years my hair hasn’t really gown much. last week i started wearing my hair curly again, in hopes it’ll help my hair grow faster! Do you think this’ll help With curly hair its hard to tell if its growing cuz it curls up so much when it dry’s!

amel ahmed 8 years ago
hi my name is amel i wish to speak about my hair. my hair is falling down and it breaks from the highest and i didn’t know why please i need solustion for that also i want long hair how could i’ve long hair.

KTV: This is not a book review – it is my own article. If you’re talking in regards to the book listed above the comments, then that is an ebook and the link for it’s below the image.

ktv 8 years ago
Thank you so much. I’m bookmarking this and I am totally going to search for that book around. It should be in a standard book store, right

Stephanie: Hi and thanks for stopping by my hub. Yes, as a matter of fact, the mayonnaise and egg treatment actually IS a protein treatment, only a homemade one 🙂 and it’s ‘my opinion’ that many cheaper brands indeed do work as well and in some cases maybe even better than salon products.

Stephanie 8 years ago
My hair is bleach blonde and i really like the color and have been dying my hair that color for years. i also blow dry and staighten my hair on a regular basis. the ends of my hair are very dry and i would like my hair to be smooth and glossy. my hair stylist told me to use protein treatments however the products are expensive. i was thinking concerning the mayo and egg treatment. is it the equivlent of the protein treatments would the products you listed, like the neutrogena deep conditioner work as well because the products from a salon


deestew 8 years ago from Kentucky
Good information. I’m glad to see you mention the affects of chemicals on the hair. I exploit to have a girlfriend who wanted to grow her hair long and she always complained about it not growing. After further investigation I discovered she really didn’t treat her hair that well and it was growing it just kept breaking off. I stopped using harmful chemicals on my hair firstly of this year and have been blessed with more hair growth and healthier hair.

AuthorCarisa Gourley 8 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma
Thanks, Janelle, that was very form of you. Glad you found my article!

Janelle 8 years ago
Thanks for your great tips! I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for years but I always got split ends and had to cut it back to the length I started from, its really a vicious cycle, but I’ve stopped dying my hair altogether and since then my hair has been so soft! I am unable to wait to use your deep conditioning recipe I’ve heard of doing it with just mayonaise but I never thought how to curl your hair and make it stay to use eggs as well, but thanks again, you seem to essentially know a lot about hair, you are just the type of person I’ll take advice from!

allshookup 9 years ago from The South, United States
I used to be taking a medication a pair years back and it made my hair fall out quickly. My hair stylist was afraid I used to be going bald. I used to be scared to death. But, thankfully my Doctor knew that it was a side-effect of the med. She changed it for me and now my hair is back at it’s full thickness. I am so thankful for that! I believe meds do more to us that we realize. Great hub! I feel I’ll try the mayo treatment! Thanks for the advice.

Annette: LOL Yes, within the summer my hair is sort of always up with an occasional ponytail. I twist it up in a fairly twist then I’ve a small hairpiece of curls that is close to my hair color that I wrap across the twist. The small curly hairpiece keeps me from having to curl the ends of my own hair and break them off. The hair piece resembles a ponytail holder with brown curls attached. My hair grows even faster when i wear it up lots because it would not break as easily.

Ann Martin 9 years ago
just curious, with hair that long, does not it get hot and sweaty in the summer Do you typically wear it down – or do you place it up

You are welcome, Decrescendo! Thanks for commenting.
Canadian Donar: I’m so glad that you like the information. I trust you can find them very beneficial!

Canadian Donar 9 years ago
wow imso happy i discovered htis site it has so many goods ideas for getting healthier hair. i live up north and here is\ts hard to have nice sleek hair (especialy in our -30 deggree winters) but anyhow i can not wait to try the egg and mayonesse treatment. in July (beginning or end, not usre yet) i will likely be cutting me hair for children who are undergoing kemo-therapy and otherradiation treatments. i need my hair to be at its best potential.

Thanks for the good tips
Truly yours,

A Youth Canadian Donar
Decrescendo 9 years ago

Thanks for the tip about this health issue. Really Appreciate it.
AuthorCarisa Gourley 9 years ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

Thanks for commenting, Lana! The medications shouldn’t be an issue as far because the conditioning and other tips. I have taken medication for various reasons through the years and my hair continues to be long and healthy. However, some underlying medical conditions can affect the health of your hair but can helped and even corrected with supplements. There are various supplements available on the marketplace for hair, JUST PLEASE Don’t NEGLECT to check together with your doctor first to make sure that the supplements that you just plan to take will not conflict together with your medication.

lana40 9 years ago from Texas
This ought to be fun, I am 40 will this still work on someone who has to take heart meds and bi-polor meds

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how to curl your hair and make it stay


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