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Tips about How To increase Sales In A Down Economy Or Up

Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles Deals Human Hair WeaveMarketing is a Science. After 23 years of recruiting sales people, training sales managers, building businesses, and reading hundreds of books, I’ve narrowed down the next seven (7) critical areas that need to be mastered, for sustained sales growth:

1. Positioning / Branding / Differentiation:
Effectively answering a very powerful question within the prospect’s mind, “Why should I do business with you (and not your competitor) ” is crucial. So is, a powerful “Sales Posture”. Salespeople without a unique Value Proposition (UVP) often must resort to price cutting. Begging for business will not be a viable sales strategy. Remember, the prospect’s mind works on the W.I.I.F.M. principle (“What’s In It For Me ).

2. Potent Sales Scripts:
Scientifically written, natural sounding and emotionally compelling scripts for Sales Prospecting / Pre-Qualifying, Sales Presentation, Objection Handling, Sales Closing, Following up and FAQs are vital. Good sales scripts will help your salespeople stay on track, ask the correct questions, and “sail” into the Close! A written script also can make it easier to train new sales people quickly, and convey a consistently professional image of the company.

3. Innovative Sales Tools:
An “Info Kit” (PDF for emailing, snail-mailing and faxing) is usually a must. It ought to be scientifically designed to push the appropriate Emotional Hot Buttons, and incorporate a powerful “Call to Action”. Prospect Databases, a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, clearly defined “Steps to the Sale” with corresponding “Actions” logged within the CRM are also important. A great website is keep curly hair straight an enormous help.

4. Hire the appropriate Sales People:
Good sales professionals are very rare and often hard to search out. The JOY Tests of Total Sales Ability from Dan Joy, Inc., can enable you to hire the most effective salespeople (Top 2%), retain them longer, as well as grow your sales! They also can provide help to avoid costly hiring mistakes. In the past, sales assessment tools were used primarily by large companies. Now, the fully integrated online sales assessment testing system of Dan Joy, Inc. has brought these crucial sales assessment tools within the straightforward reach of small to mid-sized businesses, but large companies can use them too. Dan Joy, Inc. offers 10 Free Sales Assessments to qualified businesses (see the link in the Author’s Resource Box below).

5. Good Sales Leadership:
Selling is one among the hardest things. It is both physically demanding (long hours) and emotionally draining (facing rejection continually). Having your sales team report to someone who has never sold for a living is usually not a good suggestion. I have seen sales people report to a “non-sales” Plant Manager, CFO, Production Manager, Office Manager, etc., and that is often a recipe for disaster. Regular Sales Meetings (at the very least once every week), Role Playing (practicing the scripts, objection handling, etc.), Sales Training, Sales Goals expressed in terms of controllable actions (important), ongoing accountability, metrics, reward / correction, motivation / inspiration are all extremely important.

6. Continual Lead Generation:
Your salespeople must always have “several irons in the fire” so they don’t pin all their hopes on just one sale coming through (or feeling dejected if it doesn’t). Multiple sales must be “brewing” always. A very good, consistent, ongoing Leads Generation program needs to be in place (Direct mail, eMarketing, Advertising, Press Releases, etc). When you have a superb product or service, get the word out proactively, in large numbers.

7. Acuity:
Observing what is working and what shouldn’t be, and making ongoing course corrections is vital. Not to say studying the competition, monitoring the markets, and innovating to remain ahead. Retaining good salespeople is sometimes harder than recruiting them, but treating them right and compensating them fairly would go a good distance.

You wanted to understand how to extend sales — this is what it can take. If you want to extend sales or grow a business long run even in a recession or down economy, you will need to master these seven critical areas. This recommendation and sales tips can assist you increase sales revenue steadily. Growing a business requires hard work as well as to just smart work. The sales growth advice above applies to entrepreneurs, small businesses in addition to large companies who want to grow their sales, although the size of implementation might differ. Businesses may receive 10 Free Sales Assessment Tests from Dan Joy, Inc.

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