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India Trademark Public Search

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Is usually a generally is a word, logo, symbol; label etc. trademark gives unique distinction from other product. The mark created by the person shall be unique from others.

The trademark public search may be made by visiting the Indian Patent and Trademark Office website and can make the search by first making the registration and making the payment on-line. The price for the trademark search is Rs 400/- (Rupees Four Hundred Only) for each specific class.

The trademark search can be made by two ways: 1. public search with payment which may be made in the TMR office. 2. public search with payment which is made on-line.

On-line payment requires the general public registration form which consists of the user name, user address, user e-mail id, state, and the required class. The bank shall be mentioned through which the on-line payment is being made. The available bank is the SBI (State bank of India) and Axis Bank for trademark payment through on-line. Registration form is the strategy of payment which is made through the bank transfer. It is important to fill the entire appropriate column after which payment will be done through on-line.

In the search with payment made within the TMR office might be done by making the payment on the TMR office previous to the trademark search. After making the payment, the user can fill within the registration form by entering the name, address and the password. In this sort of public search, the search could be made for multiple searches for solution to itchy scalp which the prior payment has been made.

The Search ID and the password shall be provided by the office, once the payment is made within the TMR office. Within 7 days from the date of issuance of the search ID and password the search needs to be made, whereas the payment which is made on-line receives the search ID and password through e-mail.

The Trademark search could be made only for fifteen minutes, after the required time, the process can be automatically logged out. It is necessary to make the relevant searches for all the mandatory class throughout the prescribed time.

Two forms of trademark search will be done for under fifteen minutes and the cost can also be the same. It is also required to not refresh any page until the trademark search is completed.

The trademark public search can be made by filling the Tm Form – 54 which is for the Search Report with a prescribed fee of Rs 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) to make a search in a selected class by requesting the registrar. If the search has to be made for a lot of classes a respective amount of Rs 500 /- needs to be made. The form should contain specific name and address for further communication.

The search will be made in several formats for a single word for example: if one wish to make a seek for trademark which contains two words for instance “Titanic” then he can make a search for many keywords like titanic, titan, nic, etc.

To get an appropriate search report it is important to make an appropriate search with a variety of keywords as probable to be sure that there aren’t any other marks or service which follow the same logo for the same class of service as yours.

To be more precise, more the number of keywords used for search the more accurate are the trademark search results. The search results will be stored on the system.

There are other sites which give search reports for trademarks. provides this service for trademark search. The search could be made by typing the keywords with Boolean marks to get a precise search.

The public search which is completed properly which the above said website can receive results which might be accurate and one can come into conclusion in case your logo, mark, name will be registered for trademark or if it will likely be likely to cause an infringement into every other company or person’s trademark.

The trademark public search provides accuracy to go ahead with the registration of trademark. You can too change your logo, word or mark, so that the mark made by you may be a distinctive mark when compared to the opposite competitors in the sector of work.

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